◼︎ Sala-saji ◼︎

An acoustic instrumental duo formed in May 2011 featuring Suzuna from the north and Jin from the south of Okinawa.

With a very clear theme of “Instrumental Pop Music”, sala-saji’s music focuses on “melody” and differing themselves from the Fusion music.  Through their music, they offer gentleness, passion, understanding and comfort.

In June 2012 sala-saji released their 1st album “Voice” which successfully drew a certain attention.  Their 2nd album “Time is…” was released in July 2013, followed by their first tour “Meet & Greet” started in Oct.  After touring 9 cities around the country, they received a warm home-coming tour final in Okinawa on Dec 13, 2013.

In between gigs all over the country, sala-saji is going to release their 3rd album in June this year.

Most songs were composed by piano.  However, when in gigs, songs will be performed with Saxophone and Piano, or with Saxophone and Acoustic Guitar subject to conditions.

What is “sala-saji”?
Inspired by the beauty of the Indian fabric “Sarasa”, Suzuna and Jin added the kanji reading of their names into it and “sala-saji” was born.

Suzuna -----------------------------------

Date of Birth : Jan 11, 1978
Birthplace : Nago, Okinawa
Constellation : Capricornus
Blood Type : A
Instruments : Alto. Saxophone, Soprano Saxophone

A member of the wind instruments club since junior high school, Suzuna has long decided to become a Saxophonist.  After completed her studies specializing in Saxophone in university in Tokyo, Suzuna stayed in Tokyo to further broaden her view.  From Saxophone Solo to Saxophone Ensemble; from small events to television and movie music productions; Suzuna keeps challenging herself by taking part in various productions.

Upon returning to Okinawa in 2008, Suzuna joined a rock instrumental group “4edge” where she met Jin.  Sharing common vision, Suzuna and Jin formed “sala-saji” in May 2011.

Off stage, Suzuna runs a Saxophone class in Nago, teaching Saxophone Solo, Ensemble and coaching wind instruments club.


Date of Birth : May 17, 1977
Birthplace : Naha, Okinawa
Constellation : Taurus
Blood Type : B
Instruments : Acoustic Guitar, Piano

A relatively late starter, Jin didn’t pick up his guitar until he turned 15.  The moment he learned how to change the strings of his guitar, he buried himself into not only J-Pop in the 90s, but also hard rock in the 70s, 80s, as well as Blues.  Jin pours his heart and soul into his guitar, in return, his guitar sings out his emotion and vitality.

Jin started his supporting guitar work in 2005, touring around the country with an Okinawan band “D-51” for 2 years.  While building up his reputation as a guitarist by supporting IKUMA Akira, KAWABATA Akira, ARIA ASIA(Aria), sekishimo, All Japan Goith, OYAMA Yurika, TEI Kazuma, SHIROMA Ryuta, KANEKO Emi etc, he formed an Okinawan rock instrumental group “4edge” with MORIYAMA Masaru and composed songs at the same time. With Suzuna joining the band in 2008, gigs were held periodically.

In May 2011, Jin and Suzuna formed “sala-saji” featuring Suzuna on Saxophone and Jin on Acoustic Guitar, Piano and composed all songs.  “sala-saji” played over 70 gigs every year, delivering their music all over the country.